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Publishes a new Cameyo app.


Required parameters

name: application name as will be displayed in the portal. The name must be comprised of only alpha-numeric characters, space, hyphen, dots and dashes.

cmd: command-line of the application to launch on the server. This should only specify the executable path without quotes, for example: c:\windows\notepad.exe

servergroup: server cluster to add this application to, in GUID format. Server clusters appear in the portal's servers list as a link under the "Cluster" column. For example, the server cluster ID of is 12346f5f-f0cf-4da6-bc93-837e3f5c90ed.

Optional parameters

args: command-line arguments to pass to the application. For example: /q -D=parameter


200: success. In this case, a JSON object is returned with the new app's ID within the 'message' field.

400: invalid parameters.

403: authentication failed or insufficient permissions.

Response examples


{"success":false,"code":"400","message":"Forbidden characters in name"}