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Initiates a Cameyo HTML5 app session.


Required parameters

app-id: numerical application ID.

user: user account (email address) for the application to be played as. This refers to a Cameyo user account whose profile, identity and settings will be used for the Play session. You can either create a dedicated user for this ( or use an existing user from your organization's Cameyo account.


200: success. In this case, a JSON object is returned with a field named redirectUrl. You can then redirect the user's browser to this URL to start the Play session.

400: invalid parameters.

403: authentication failed or insufficient permissions.

Response examples


{"success":false,"message":"Invalid pkgId specified","redirectUrl":null}

Best practice

This API should be called through server-side technologies (i.e. ASP.NET, PHP, Node.JS); your clientSecret should never be exposed on the client-side (i.e. HTML Javascript). Once you get a return URL, you can publish it to the client's HTML.

Workflow example


2.Reply: {"redirectUrl":""}

3.Client: redirect user's browser to