API usage

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API usage

All APIs documented in this guide must be called in an authenticated way. To authenticate, you need your API client ID (your company ID) and key (clientSecret). These can be obtained on your company settings page or through Cameyo support:


Calls in this guide are made through HTTPS GET method, and can hence be easily integrated with other systems.

Most APIs have the following syntax:


Resource IDs are GUIDs for servers, users and user groups, and numeric for apps.


For example, if you would like to stop a Cameyo server whose identifier is d54aeacb-dfb4-4977-8434-fcd56c6dab3b, assuming your API client ID is 4ba629d4-0f44-4e03-8251-5d35de66e48b and your API secret is jxdwY3krE5qypru5QVvxYhmbzTAw3tcAty5pF, you would use this syntax:


Additional parameters can be passed to the URL as standard HTTP parameters, and are specific to each API.